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the New iPad

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Written as for her…so that I have a good excuse to get one for myself… 😀

Megumi Koh Jia Nuo

14 June 2012 (That’s tomorrow! We have prepared many other gifts for her…shall share tomorrow.)

Retina display is just AMAZING!

Battery performance is similar to the first generation iPad (no, I don’t own iPad 2…am glad that I skipped that and now get the iPad 3).

One thing I dislike is the heat at the back when using. However, solved with the flip cover that I bought together with the iPad. A must have I would say, else you will feel really uncomfortable holding or putting the iPad on your legs or stomach.

Another complaint is the battery charging time. Took more than 10 hours to charge from zero to 100%. The first generation iPad only takes 2-3 hours. Have to shut off the iPad to get faster charging. You can’t even use the iPad while charging if your battery level is near flat, as draining is more than the charging power.

Still, amazing retina display makes the upgrade worthwhile. 64GB? Yeah…since it comes with camera now, so I thought it would need more space for photos and video.