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My Daily Ride

My daily ride. A really nice to drive car, Peugeot RCZ.

My extended roof is mainly meant for it. So to save the direct sunlight hitting the car, and night time mist occurring on the boot of the car every morning.

It is my daily ride, to work and to send / fetch Megumi from school.

It is a very eye-catching ride, especially for those who first time seeing it.

It creates a big discussion at my work place during the first week I drive it to work, people were guessing whose ride was that. Now of course everybody got used to seeing it.

I have no regret selecting the MANUAL model. Love the engagement in gear, love to press on the clutch for free ride, and love the acceleration in 4th gear to overtake vehicle in front. Talk about safety first, it is actually safer to have the power in hand than wanting to overtake but can’t…end up more dangerous.

Of course, patient and safety always come first. I don’t race, just enjoying the car and ride.

Sometimes it is quite tension and pressure driving the car, as scared of getting it scratched or hurt. So, I only drive it to not so crowded area, and safe area.

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