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Celebrating Lydia’s Birthday 2012

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Celebrating my beloved wife, Lydia’s birthday…

First, I created a banner for her, posted up at ShaShinKi on the 11th May 2012.


Second, I bought a birthday cake. Secret Recipe Chocolate and Strawberry cake. Megumi’s favorite. 🙂

Megumi’s loves strawberry, and later only she realized that the cake she chose does not have strawberry on top. Too late to change, so I told her we will go get a pack of fresh strawberries, better than those sugar coated smallberries on cake.

See Lydia putting the BIG Strawberries on the cake.

Third, I bought a small present for her. A wrist bracelet.

Fourth, we celebrate together and enjoy the cakes. 🙂

The excited Megumi!

Lighting up the candles…(hey…don’t count!)

Family photo

Happy Birthday, my dearest!