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Honjyu Coating for my Cars

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Introduced by George yesterday to me, he did it on his Nissan Selphy.


Went to check out the shop today, and put a RM200 deposit for my car.

The first car I am going to try out the coating will be my Alphard, since it is Pearl White colour and the paint is quite bad condition already. Let’s see if Honjyo coating will bring the car back to LIKE NEW condition or not. I am putting high hope on it.

Not cheap. Normal car is RM1500, while Alphard is RM1800. The boss, John, gave me a 20% discount, and he said normally only 10% discount. I think George got 30% discount for before CNY promotion.

So, my Alphard is going to cost me RM1440 to coat. Still quite big sum of money, but I hate polishing or painting my car original paint, so will try it out first before I will let my other cars going through the process.

Have bought quite a number of different wax for my car, immediate result is perfect, but after a week, the wax has wear off, can feel it by hand that the surface is not as silky smooth as first waxed. I tried George Selphy, very smooth surface. I hope they can do wonder to my Alphard, then I will consider my next car, perhaps the 407.

Update 16 April 2012:
Just sent my Toyota Alphard for the coating today in the early morning at 9am. Went to check out the condition of the car at 1pm, and is still in polishing process. Two guys doing my car, one Chinese, one Indonesian. I must say the Indonesian working attitude seems much better. They Chinese is one hand holding his iPhone, the other hand working. How unprofessional or lack of commitment in the work! Of course I didn’t sound on the spot lah…as my car is still in their hands…

Took long time for them to polish. Important as to make sure that the car is in pristine condition before they put a coat over it. I believe I am going to be satisfied with their work and the “NEW” condition of my car. RM1800 – 20% for my Alphard, not cheap…or should I say is VERY EXPENSIVE actually!

Coating is the easier part, as per them. Just wipe, then wait for it to dry, then wipe again the dirt. One hour job.

The boss, John, called me at 6pm, saying the car can only be ready at 9pm. As it was raining cats and dogs outside just now, I don’t want to risk having the coat not fully dry to get in touch with water. John doesn’t recommend that also. Imagine all the water dirt on the road splash on my newly cleaned and coated car…crazy lah! So I told him I will took delivery of the car tomorrow morning. It is better and brighter for me to inspect the car tomorrow at daylight too.

By the way, I have decided NOT to send my RCZ for the work, as I don’t feel right having them POLISH my brand new RCZ removing the clear on my car. Besides, I think my RCZ is currently still in perfect (OK, maybe near perfect) smooth paint condition.