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10 Days Old…my Peugeot RCZ!

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Own the car for over 10 days now. Took delivery at 23rd March 2012 night.

A very wonderful car to drive! The seat is a bit low, but is very comfortable.

Got rust on the Turbo charger, complained to Nasim, still waiting for their reply and remedy.

Clean and wash my car almost daily… 😛

Some shots of my daily ride…parked at Marine Technology Center, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

RCZ has a very short front profile, while the rear is longer than the front I think.

Yeah, black wheel, so dark that can’t even be seen in the photo. Anyhow, the more I look at it, the more I liked it. Dirt doesn’t show up clearly on dark wheel also…Hahaa… 😀

Nice number, huh?! 😀 I didn’t use the plate cover from Peugeot (see the rear part of my car) for the front, as that cover is way too big! Instead, I asked the plate maker to cut the plate to the size of the front part of the RCZ. Workmanship of the plate (from TECK) is not very good, rough edges. It is worth RM110 for the plates, free from the Salesman (John).

Rear part of RCZ has enough space for the plate cover, so I use back the Peugeot given cover. Quite nice looking I would say.

It is a nice car, don’t you agree?! 😉

Driving the car on the road can be tension sometimes. Not that you are going to hit others, but worrying others might bump into you. Yeah…Malaysian driving is scary. It would be very heart pain if that happened to my brand new car! In Jesus name I prayed not to have that happened to me or my family, amen. 🙂

Not yet refueling my tank. First tank was from the salesman, but tomorrow I am going to fuel the tank myself. Low fuel warning already on my RCZ. Driven 450km and can probably go 500km per full tank. Quite ok I think. Hopefully will perform better after several refill.


So far, I have bought and spent and installed the following on my RCZ:

1. LED Daytime Running Lights

2. LED rear braking lights

3. LED front yellow signal lights

Costs me TOTAL: £86.62 from UK from www.hids4u.co.uk. I suspect the DRL LED are faulty, and one of the braking LED is faulty. Am requesting replacement from them.

4. K&N Air Filter

Bought from ebay. Costs me USD55.90 inclusive of shipping. Just managed to install it to my RCZ last night, found the car sound better, and ride is smoother. Not sure if it is just psychological or for real is better.

5. Special “Star” type Allen Key for my Peugeot screws. RM16 only for a set of 10pcs in various size. Cheap!

6. Permanon and car shampoo

Order from online forum seller. RM98 (RM88 + RM10 shipping). Result is quite ok, but not magic.

7. Furniture Clinic Leather Care Kit

Costs Ã‚£40.39. Going to use it on my car leather seats and also for my house leather furniture (Lorenzo).


All in all, almost RM1k I spend on the car already. Hmm…must not spend more now…since I have monthly RM2148 installment to pay now…for 9 years… 🙁


Update: 3rd April 2012

Just pump the tank to full few hours ago, around 10.30pm at Petronas station. The car is showing Fuel Too Low and no indication of how far it can still go, so I have to purposely made a trip to Petronas to pump my first full tank fuel to the car, to avoid car out of fuel in the middle of no way. That would be such a big shame… 😛

Full tank, RON 97, RM2.80 per litre, I pumped RM134.40 just now. That’s about 48 litre of fuel or 12.68 gallon. Should be able to travel 550km or 340 miles.

11.46km per litre or 26.81 miles per gallon (mpg). UK Peugeot forum driver said they can get over 30mpg, let’s see if I can get that in my 2nd pump.

8.73 litre per 100km

25 cents (RM) per km. Not cheap!

Full tank last me for around 11 days, drive daily to Uni and sending Megumi to kindergarden. One month costs me RM400 for fuel.

If I use RON 95, which is RM1.90 per litre, 48 litre would have cost me RM91.20, or 17 cents per km, still not cheap.

Guess I will continue with RON 97 for the time-being, until I got too painful on the pocket later…

Update: 7th April 2012

My wife said something that made my day today! She said our Peugeot RCZ is the BEST LOOKING car, better than those other sports car out there! I am really happy that she now really support me in buying the car, and that she likes the car as well!

At RM210k, there isn’t any new real sports car we can buy.

  • Audi TT? That’s RM350k new.
  • Mercedes SLK, that’s RM460,259.60 new.
  • BMW M3 Coupé, not sure, but should be similar to SLK.
I can afford none of the above, and none of the above is as good looking as the Peugeot RCZ. There is a saying that RCZ is the BEST LOOKING CAR in the world (till to date), I just have to agree to that! The double bubble roof is a signature to it, can’t get this unique design in any of the affordable car that I can buy.
The 200bhp manual model that I bought is really fun to drive! Very powerful engine, though just 1600cc. Good pickup and easy to accelerate. Can overtake car at any time without worrying loosing speed in between.
No, I am not a racer, and I don’t like to drive fast, but this car really gives me lots of fun in driving. 🙂
Problematic Nappa Leather
The Nappa leather at the inner door handle part got some dent on the cushion that I noticed today. Went to NASIM for warranty claim. Will see how it goes.
Nasim just announce a new 5 years unlimited mileage warranty coverage on all their Peugeot car. Started 1st April 2012. I am going to ask Nasim for the upgrade of my package, since my car was bought on the 23rd March 2012! Just a week before their new warranty promo! I hope they will not disappointed me.

Update: 13th April 2012

Did my 2nd fuel up on my RCZ today. Clocked at 565km for the first fuel up. Exact 10 days after my first fuel up, which means I drive 56.5km per day…hmm…no lah. I actually did a highway drive once in between, from Nasim Plentong to Pasir Gudang highway to Senai highway, after sending my car for a complaint on the Nappa leather at my driver’s door to Nasim. Yes, claiming warranty from them. I use the highway on my way back, it is much longer distance, but is smooth with no traffic, also a good time for me to try test my RCZ performance.

This time I have to pay extra for the the fuel, as our dearly government has just increased the fuel price of RON 97 to RM2.90 / litre from the previous RM2.80, on 4th April 2012, yeah, the exact next day after my first fuel up.

Total fuel up this time is 49.31 litre, amounting to RM143.00. Due to the RM0.10 increase in fuel, I have paid extra RM4.93 for this fuel up. Ok, not too hard to swallow.

8.73 litre / 100km

Same as the first fuel up. Will record again for next fuel up.

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