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Got my Peugeot RCZ

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Yes, got my Peugeot RCZ last Friday (23rd March 2012).

My heart is having a mixed feeling. I love the car, but I felt guilty spending so much money on a car. Sometimes I feel excited, sometimes I feel sad (guilty). I don’t like the feeling…

The car is nice, very nice indeed. Interior is much more comfortable than I thought. Seat is not too low, while still lower than most sedan. Can be adjusted to a higher position, but head will be too close to the roof, not so nice for tall people (I am 180cm).

The Turbo charge component has bad rusts on it, I discovered that on Sunday. I called the salesman and on Monday morning I drove to Nasim Plentong to complain and log a report. The manager said is common and no worry, showed me some other showroom car (308Turbo, 3008…) both have the same rust on the Turbo charge component. Still, I want them to log a report to Peugeot and see what happened.

I did get two phone calls from Peugeot, following up my case on the car. Yes, I have actually sent them an email on the rust and demanding a new car replacement. I doubt they can do that…but still no harm trying. I hate thinking if they have to dissemble my brand new car to change the turbo charge component. A service manager called me saying that they are trying to get a warranty claim replacement for the turbo charge component. Will see how it goes. Yes, it will be pretty expensive part.

I bought the manual pearlescent white version. No regret on the choice. I love the gear control of the car. I can shift from Gear 1 to Gear 3, skipping Gear 2 when I felt that the car is already fast enough. Gear 1 can shoot upto 5000rpm (can be more) and run quite fast. It is a powerful car, acceleration is amazing! Of course, safety first, I don’t like to speed, but it is good to have the power when I want to overtake another car to cut into the left or right lane.

Head turning? Yes, it is definitely a head turning car. Of course, not everybody will turn their heads to look at the car…hahaa…I think I turn my head even more often to see if people look at my car or not. No good, I should have concentrate more on the front view.

Good wide glass area make very good visibility inside the car. You can see clearly those at your side and behind you. However, the Double Bubble Roof does distort the view a little, making things behind looks weird.

I bought Permanon and cleaner purposely for the car. Applied it on the day (should I call it night) I took delivery of the car. I got the car at 7pm at from my dealer, and reached home at near 9pm already. Still, the excitement…etc., I work till midnight to wash and clean and apply Permanon to my car immediately. Yes, Permanon is a very good product, but the car does not shines as much as I have expected. I guess still need some extra coating / wax to top it up.

I have ordered some LED lights from UK for my car, that was even before I took deliver of the car. I bought a pair of Daytime Running Light, a pair of Signal Light, and a pair of Rear Braking Light. All costs me RM4xx inclusive of shipping from UK. I hope they are worth spending. Still waiting for the delivery…

I have also ordered a K&N air filter from Arab via ebay. This one costs RM2xx. Many said it will improve the car performance significantly, whereby the filter allows more air to go into the car engine, hence you get better burning / explosion in the engine, translate into a more powerful car.

This is the interior look of my car (the picture is from the internet, but it looks exactly the same as mine).

The design is very comfortable, better than what I have expected. I love the very high handbrake, easy to pull and release.

The gear is short and easy to shift. This gear is shorter than the normal version, called the sport pack add on, together with a smaller steering wheel. Notice there is no chrome plate on the left right of the steering. Normal / ordinary version steering has chrome at both left and right side.

The car is very easy to drive. My wife warned me on stopping the car at slope and going up hill, worrying that the car will slide backward. Yes, this happened on most car, but Peugeot has thought about this too and added a 2 seconds brake to the RCZ when it detected that your car is at slope, after you lifted your feet from the brake pedal. Very handy and no worry of reverse knocking the car behind you!

The JBL hifi system in the car is just amazing! Initially I thought 6 speakers inside the RCZ seems a bit on the short side, as my Peugeot 407 already have10 speakers inside. I was wrong! Peugeot RCZ small space is fine for 6 speakers, more than enough needed for the small space of RCZ! Two at the front dashboard, two at the left and right door, and two at the rear. Very sharp and clear, though base is not as powerful (or I have turn it to low). I prefer lower base but higher treble.


I didn’t tint my car. VKool will cost RM2000 to be done. Honestly it is not about the money, if the thing is perfect, I would have spent on it. Call me a coward, I don’t want to have illegal things attached to me. Most if not all tint are illegal, and I just don’t want to get into trouble with my beloved car. Also, because of the design of the Double Bubble, you can’t attach one piece but two pieces of UP and Lower tint on the glass. Doesn’t sound perfect to me, and after seeing how people clean and remove the bubbled tint from my Alphard (very dirty, using spray of liquid all over the windows, I just don’t want that to happen on my RCZ.

I was testing out the heat inside the car, by entering the car exposed in bright sunlight at 12noon. Yes, like oven. Cannot tahan, have to wind down the windows to allow hot air to go out. Surprisingly, the car aircond id good, powerful enough to fill the car with cold air in a short time, hence I think NO TINT is still bearable. Saved RM2k.


I just love the clock at the center, making time telling very easy. I do miss the clock on my 407, didn’t realize that a clock was so important and handy until you missed it. 407 actually does have the clock feature, but have to press some buttons to activate the digital clock on the LCD. The unique analogue clock on the RCZ is beautiful and practical!

I am Megumi driver nowadays, sending her to Orcakids daily in the morning at 8am, and fetch her most of the day at 12.30pm or 2.00pm.

JNM 320

By the way, my car plate number is JNM 320. I love the number! I have actually asked a runner to help me grab car plate number, gave him 3 choices: 320, 808 and 1210. My priority is 320, which stands for March 20th, the wedding anniversary of Siaw Foong and I. My wife said I shall never forget the date now.

808 is my own liking number, no special meaning, just find the number quite nice. Should be a bit hard to get.

1210 is my father’s car number. He uses this number on all his car, something like his Trademark number already. No, no meaning to me except just following my father’s trend of car plate.

I am glad that the runner has managed to get me the number of 320. I am still very excited and happy about it! Thank God for that too!

By the way, JNM running alphabet was NEW and just started on the day I registered my car, that is why there are high chances of getting the number I want. Thank God again for the timing too!

Initially my wife said JNM is very difficult to pronounce and remember, but after we mentioned Jia Nuo Megumi as JNM, then it just sounds so PERFECT! JNM 320!

Thank you…

I shall enjoy the car more…Thank God for the gift, thanks my wife for the willingness to accept my stubbornness and “waste” of money spending…love, King.