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Testing out new Nikon AFS 85mm F/1.4 Lens

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Nikon 85mm f1.4 lens is often referred to as the “Portrait Lens”. An ultimate lens for whoever wants to do best portrait shots.

But…is it truly needed? Can you actually shoot at F1.4?

Having the chance to test out the AFS 85mm F1.4 lens today, so I did some family shots. What can be more meaningful taking your own family member’s shots than others? 😛

The purpose of owning a 85mm F1.4 lens is to use the F1.4 aperture, instead of stopping down to F2.8 or F4 or even F5.6…but of course a faster lens does help brighten up the viewfinder of your camera, making shooting more fun.

So…I did some shots with aperture set at F1.4, just to test out how sharp the lens is…and how possible it is to use such shallow aperture in portrait shots.

This is one of the shot that I took. Focus is on Lydia’s eye on the left.

This is 100% crop.

To be frank, I am surprised by the sharpness the lens produced, and of course thanks to the D3S great focus module that is able to keep the subject in focus!

I have owned and tried several others Nikon 85mm lens. Eg. AFD 85mm F1.4, AFD 85mm F1.8, AIS 85mm F1.4, AIS 85mm F2. I have sold them all, as I find the those lenses were too long when use on 1.5x cropped sensor, and is very difficult to keep up with the focus / sharpness in actual shot.

Focused on Emmanuel’s eye on the right, but as he kept moving…so is a bit hard to shoot. Anyhow, the camera and lens still able to freeze the motion.

Another shot with Megumi doing her homework.

Thanks to the AFS motor (Silent Wave), the lens focus fast, silent and accurately on my D3S. I have to mention D3S here as different camera will have different AF performance. Also, on D3S, the true 85mm focal length is materialized, and a true KING of portrait lens is shown.

Though just a brief testing with the lens, I must say I am impressed. My thought of 85mm F1.4 impossible to use has now changed, and I shall enjoy shooting more at F1.4 if I owned this lens in future. 🙂