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Seeing Peugeot RCZ in Person

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Went a Nasim (Peugeot Distributor in Malaysia) showroom yesterday to see the RCZ in person.

Made a phone called, confirming that they have RCZ in their showroom.

Arrived there with my wife, and I am surprised to see both Pearl White and Haria Grey in their showroom. It is NOT in stock, as they two cars were already sold, ordered from KL to customers in JB.

Not that I am going to buy one piece on the spot, so it doesn’t matter. I only want to check out those cars in person…so that I can have more elements to dream on later. 😀

In Malaysia, Nasim only import two colours: Pearl White and Haria Grey. (You can have 8 different colours in UK, and that’s haven’t take into account the limited Asphalt version.)

Of course, I think it is the right choice by Nasim to get the Pearl White and Haria Grey (or Charcoal) Colour into Malaysia. These two should be the most sort after colour.

If you checked Peugeot UK website, you will see that Pearl White is actually a more expensive model, similar to any other car makers that offer Pear White paint, normally you will have to fork out RM500-RM1000 extra for luxurious colour. In Malaysia, both colours are selling at the same price.

Dark colour cars do look more macho, fierce, and handsome…but that’s not my taste. You will have to keep your dark colour dark polished all the time, even after single wash, you will notice spider web scratches on the surfaces already. It is so hard to maintained a dark colour car. The one in the showroom, I can actually see some polish wax leftover at the edges of the car. It should have been polished recently, before deliver to the customer. Who will want to see his / her brand new card with spider web scratches?! 😀

Dark does look good from far though…

Checking out the Pear White version, stunning! It shines, glows, and has a very mild milky / yellowish colour on the paint. I would say is very nice and elegant look, even at close up.

This is the actual Pearl White version offered in Malaysia…with the “UGLY” dark colour rims…

In comparison…see how good the car looks with silver rim?!

The rims have such a beautiful design, but when in black, you CAN’T SEE IT AT ALL!!!

Nasim does not allow customer to customize their RCZ like what UK have. You only have the following options basically:

1. Colour: Pearl White or Haria Grey

Nasim by default pair the Pearl White with dark interior leather, while the Haria Grey with light grey interior leather.

Pearl White comes with 19” ‘Sortilege’ alloy wheels – onyx black, while Haria Grey comes with 19” ‘Sortilege’ alloy wheels – midnight silver.

NO, you can’t change any of the above, your only option is White or Grey body paint. 🙁

While I love the Pear White in every bit…including the dark leather, but I just hate the dark rim. What a pity! You spend so much money yet you can’t choose the colour of rim that you like! (Hahaa…as if I already bought…)

Black looks in photos (after newly polished)…

2. Manual (200HP) or Auto (156HP)

Manual is RM5000 more expensive, but if you can afford a RM220k car, RM5k should not be of a consideration.

At Nasim website, it didn’t mention if Cruise Control is included or not, so I checked out both car units, and yes both have Cruise Control there. It is good to have, especially when driving on Highway.

GPS Navigation? Sadly, it is not included in Malaysia’s RCZ. Nasim opt for the cheaper viewer instead. In UK, this costs 1,225.00 pound (RM6k) before VAT. Too bad not in Malaysia’s RCZ.

The Experience…

Sitting inside the RCZ, you will actually notice that the view is quite limited when are you in the driver seat. The car is quite low center of gravity, but not extremely low. The problem is the windscreen. I actually feel quite squishy on the windscreen, not as wide as my other normal cars (Wish, …etc.). The rear view mirror is actually blocking some of the windscreen as well, and the left right bars are actually quite thick, blocking again some important views from left and right corners. I am not sure how safe it is in actual driving, but definitely not very good impression to me.

Specs said the interior is made using Nappa leather. I am not sure what it is…supposed to be a very high quality leather. My feel is that while the leather is smooth, it doesn’t really give me any elegant feel inside the car. As what I have mentioned before, the steering wheel looks boring, even with leather. I would prefer a wood decorated type…or maybe not…have to feel then only know.

RCZ is ORDINARY when viewing from the front. Yes, is BORING and ORDINARY. It is just another Peugeot, 308, 407…etc. all uses different headlight design, and huge Peugeot logo at the center. Very eye-catching for the first time, but when you see all these 3 cars together…they looks so very similar and hence…BORING! I dreamed if only RCZ can have a totally revamped front design…to make it a clear distinguish from the rest of Peugeot family.

However, turning to the back of the RCZ is where all the bells and whistles is all about. It is like the Audi TT, but nicer and more modern look! Lovely curvature, the light blends with the body shape perfectly! The Lion logo looks great! The only improvement that I can think of would be a TWIN left and right exhaust system, making it more POWERFUL like!

You can lift up the rear spoiler manually with a push of a button in the car, but remember to close it down when you leave the car, as it won’t close down unless you manually close it yourself. The sales manager told me that it can be dangerous for some naughty hands to push the spoiler down and break the hydraulic system inside.

Manual or Automatic?

This is a killing question as well. Malaysia sold MORE Automatic transmission RCZ than Manual transmission version. Yeah…thanks to the traffic jams…manual car with clutch pushing up and down 100 times per trip (200 times round trip…or more), will require you going for foot massage every week!

However, it is such a waste to have a such a nice car in Auto, no? I have been driving Auto car almost all the time. Manually should be a little bit more fun to try out…but RM220k is not a trial and error game. You bought, no return and you better live or die with it. 😛

Manual version has some extra features, besides 200 HP engine, it has the so called Music air coming into the HiFi system of your car, making those sitting inside hear more VROoom sound when pressing the gas. The two RCZ there were Auto, so I am not sure how good that manual sound it.

Taking about sound…I did start the RCZ (thought I can’t test drive it yet), and I am NOT impressed. There is no powerful sound like what we are expecting from a Ferrari…(am I asking too much from a 1600cc engine car?!). Doesn’t SOUND like a sport car…


While you can’t get any add-on accessories from Nasim, but they do help you to get some extra make up for your RCZ if you want to. I asked briefly…

1. VCool tint = RM2800 (take note that Puspakom will NOT approve any tint filter on your car windows…so this can only be done after you registered your car)

2. ??? body coating / polish = RM2200

If Only…

Yes…that’s a IF ONLY…I were to buy one…I will choose the Pearl White version, Manual Transmission…and asked nicely the sales manager to help me get a Silver Chrome rims if any Haria Grey owner is looking to swap.

VKool? No thanks.

Polishing? Maybe…will have to check that out first…

RM220k? Dream on…my wife said.