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Astro Beyond…

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Just upgraded to Astro Beyond yesterday.

I have been quite reluctant on the upgrade initially, for a few reasons:

1. Astro is trying to “force” user to upgrade, by downsizing the viewing size of their normal Astro.

2. Beyond is expensive…

Went to my sister in law house on Friday, she mentioned that she just upgraded, and the price is actually cheaper. I was surprised. Came home and on Saturday, I gave Astro a call.

I have actually called Astro a week before, asking about adding Astro On Demand package to my existing subscription, and add also Movie channels, how much would it costs? Hmm…a prohibitive RM180+.

Astro Beyond, with some HD quality movie, and extra channels, price at RM150+ (before 6% tax). Yes, is cheaper than the normal Astro subscription.

However, one thing worried me. The Astro service personnel on the phone said I have to change my house existing cable to HDMI cable. It is quite a tedious work if that has to be done, as my living room has wall furnished with wooden backdrop. I am not going to let them destroy that. Anyhow, I told him, just let the technician come and check what is the solution.

Yesterday, the installer came. He said I don’t have to change cable, unless my current cable is having too weak signal (which isn’t. I get over 70% signal strength).

So, install new satellite disc, new decoder, HDMI cable only from decoder to TV, new card, etc.

Done! and the signal strength is over 90%! Most probably due to the bigger disc and newer disc (clean).

My Sony LCD TV is now is able to show movie and shows in FULL. No more downsizing, and can actually enjoy the real quality of HD TV!