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My Dream Car…Peugeot RCZ

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Got poisoned with this car recently. It is not an ultra luxury car, at around RM220k, still quite prohibitive for me.

The look is stunning, killing. The speed isn’t the purpose of buying this car. You don’t race with this type of sport car, but merely to attract the turning head / attention and get special parking in front of hotel lobby privilege.

Peugeot official website uses flash in the design, which makes browsing a pain with low speed internet connection, and you can’t really download the photos from there easily. I have a big monitor with me, so I print screen some shots that I think are nice and share them here…for my own dreaming purpose…feel free to dream together!

I don’t really like the interior design of RCZ, not as luxury as I would have expect from a sport car. The steering wheel can be made much better, with cruise control buttons and audio control on it (they are now placed below the signal and wiper handles, so you got in total 4 handles around the steering). Old design, I don’t like it. They should have used the 508 steering!

I also don’t like the buttons in the middle dash board. Can be made better, and the clock while is useful can be improved with a watch maker (Tag Heuer?).

The handbrake…why so tall?!

The seat, while it is nice that Peugeot uses high quality leather, I just don’t like the one piece back design till your head. I prefer the head back to be of separate. Why make it so tall?

While I am saving my money for the dream car…Peugeot, go improve the interior design of the RCZ and make it a more lusting car! 😀