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Chap Goh Meh Gathering

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The 15th Day of Chinese New Year, always considered as an important day among Chinese as well. A gathering day among family members.

Today, yes we have good meal too. My mother and wife and maid have been cooking since morning. Viola! Below is the result.

There are soup and dessert that I did not shot. 😛

Megumi has been wearing very nice shirt of her on this important day. Yes, bought purposely for CNY celebration.

Her little brother, Emmanuel, is tired…so we didn’t change his cloth…but let him wear the usual home wear… 😀

After I took the above shot, their mum said want to be included as well…so there come the shot below…

Lunch time! On the right is Janice (wife of Alvin). Alvin is babysitting his daughter, while I am holding the camera so not in the shot.

After lunch, we have some time in the living room. Took a few shots of Alvin’s family. Two shots that I think are nice.

(Janice, baby Audrey and Alvin)

Then Alvin helped us to take some of our family shots (Emmanuel not inside as he was sleeping in the room).

My mother

Happy Chap Goh Meh! Happy Reunion with your love one!