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Playing with a Nikon D3s

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Have the chance to try out a Nikon D3s recently. I have been a Nikon user for over 10 years, since the film era. My thought is that Nikon always put the best in their flagship model, and in this case, the Nikon D3s is the Nikon current flagship model available in the market.

Many has said that Nikon D700 is the little brother to Nikon D3s (or D3), and many said that Nikon D700 is same as Nikon D3 in terms of performance, with the advantage of a smaller body. I own a Nikon D700, and I thought the same as well (that I don’t need a D3s).

How wrong I was…until I tried out the Nikon D3s…

(Update: I am now the owner of the D3s…)

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