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I bought a shoe…

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I guess this is the first time I blog about shoe…

I have been wearing my last pair of shoe for quite a few years. I can’t remember for how long already…but my wife and mum said definitely more than 2 years old…and they said I should have changed one for a long time already…as the shoe really looks old and O.L.D… 😛

Not that I don’t want to change, but I just didn’t found one to my liking. I have thought about Clark shoe…as I think I like the design of Clark…but there is no one nearby me to shop. Jusco is the only place where I shop for shoe…and the choices are limited.

Few days ago I saw one that caught my eyesight.

Interesting rainbow light band, and no string type (I don’t like to sit down to tie the string…). I like the leather colour too (slight greenish). The sales girl said got ONE YEAR warranty…haha…first time I heard shoe also got warranty. Of course, that comes with a price…RM419 before discount (20%), and final price is RM335.20. I should have bought it on the night I saw the shoe, then I would have gotten an extra 5% discount in Jusco voucher (didn’t know that). But of course, I was with my Megumi and mum shopping late at night, so was in a rush and not in mood to try out shoe.

I came back to Jusco the next day to buy the shoe. Valentino Rudy. 🙂

(my mother said is ugly…my wife just smile…Megumi said the other black shinning one is better…I guess we all have different taste… :P)