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My thought on the Dell UltraSharp U3011

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Bought the Dell UltraSharp U3011 30″ monitor last month. It is my main working monitor now.

Just want to share my thought on the monitor in case somebody else are interested in knowing. I have read quite a number of reviews online prior to the purchase. Most are positive feedback, so I thought I should share the negative side that I felt on the monitor.

What do I think about the monitor?

Way too big for a small desk! My desk is only 55 cm in depth. The monitor took1/3rd of it, so left 2/3rd for my keyboard and hands.

30″ is too wide! Yes, I really feel that it is too wide to be used comfortably. Bigger is not always better.

Native Resolution 2560 x 1600. Higher resolution might not be a good thing here. The font size is so small, making reading and typing a eye straining job. Have to resize the font manually in order to read / type comfortably.

The monitor is TOO BRIGHT and TOO HIGH CONTRAST! Again very straining on the eyes. I have to lower the brightness and contrast in order to view long hour on the monitor. Watching movie at high contrast is fine though.

High power consumption! No, you can’t see it, but you can actually FEEL it! I can actually feel the heat generated from the screen surface. The good thing is…I now turn off my computer more often when I am not using it, rather than just letting it goes into sleep mode. Save power.

Am I regret buying the monitor? Hmm…maybe, maybe no. I shall get a bigger working table, rearrange my working space, then shall re-evaluate again the monitor.

Bigger is NOT always better. A 24″ Samsung monitor that I use in my office is more comfortable in my opinion…