21 January 2021

ShaShinKi Parterning with Yamato TaQbin

We are proud to introduce Yamato TaQbin to our delivery service.

Yamato TaQbin is a Japanese company. They are the largest delivery service company in Japan, and have set up their foot in Malaysia for a long time (commercial transportation service). Yamato TaQbin approaches us few months back to introduce their home delivery service – TaQbin, and we are very excited about it!

Today is the first day of operation of Yamato TaQbin. The whole team of Yamato TaQbin Johor branch visited us, and we are proud to be their first customer in parcel collect business in Johor.

I must say that I am excited with their service, and I am looking forward to be able to serve ShaShinKi customers better with Yamato TaQbin!

1 thought on “ShaShinKi Parterning with Yamato TaQbin

  1. Hi I am running my own transportation company and i do have 8years
    experience in courier service with DHL Express-we are contractor for johor bahru branch .We are looking forward for business opporcunity
    with you.Kindly email us if there is any.Thank you

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