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Just DID It…finally…MacBook Air 2011 Model (13″)

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After hours…days…of consideration…tons of review read…tons of Youtube watched…tons of pictures viewed…I have finally made the click…

Initially I got attracted to the 11.6″ model, but after reading some comments and discussions online, I think a 13″ suits me more, since I am always a WANT BIGGER SCREEN guy. The higher resolution screen of the 13″ is also a welcome (1400 x 900), similar to a 15″ screen resolution actually.

Apple really makes appealing products. Their iPhone revolutionize the phone industry, where smartphone with touchscreen panel is now dominating the market.

Their computers have changed what people think about computer design. Mac Mini is just amazing in size…and the MacBook Air is another breakthrough in size!

The initial few generations of Macbook Air isn’t really that appealing. Besides the size, there are too many compromise in it. Not a fast or serious computer to work with.

I have a Macbook (white), and my wife asked if I really want another Apple computer, as she can see me not using the macbook often, and often complaint about it. Yeah, I must say that I don’t really like the macbook, as the screen is not great (poorer than my Dell Latitude by miles), and it is not easy to get used to the Apple OS X (10.1). That’s the reason why it took me several days and tons of reading to finally commit to the MBA.

To make the purchase more convincing and regret-less…I told myself that I can just install Windows 7 into the MBA if I really hate the LION later. However, I am putting high hope on the LION this time…after seeing so many praises on it and some of its features online.

At the price I am paying, I could have gotten a Macbook Pro, but that defeat the purpose of owning another notebook in my case. I have a hardisk failure in my Macbook before, causing all my UK photos gone. I don’t trust those spinning HDD anymore, and I really like the idea of SSD to replace the conventional HDD. iPad is a great example of how one can use, torture, drop…etc. without causing failure to the SSD. 256GB is very expensive (RM1k extra), so I just opt for the 128GB version. Even that is already costing me near to RM4k. Quite expensive by today’s standard as notebook has already gone down to the price of sub RM2k range commonly available.

Apple Keyboard? Hmm…I hate it actually…can’t get used to the COMMAND key replacing the Control key of PC. Anyhow…let’s see if I can get used to it later. This new 2001 MBA comes with backlight keyboard…should be beautiful at night…and especially useful for people like me who often get confused with PC keyboard and Apple keyboard.

It is amazing that how Apple can cramp so much into such a thin body. I like the elegant one piece solid metal of the MBA design. Ok, make it two pieces.

Nice hur? Yeah…will see how great it is soon when I received mine…

Now…waiting patiently for it to reach my doorway…I shall be very excited or disappointed tomorrow!

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