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A Gift from my father…Toyota Alphard

My father sent me a gift few weeks ago. Was waiting for it enthusiastically for a week, before it finally touched down in Port Klang on 28th June 2011. Then I have to arrange to get a leave from my uni to fly to Port Klang from Johor so that I can drive the car back later.

My wife decided to go back to her Kampung in Perak using the car, so we book a flight for four (including our Indonesian maid) and flied to LCCT, KL using AirAsia on the 1st July 2011 (Friday). My sister in law drove us directly to Port Klang after we reached the airport at around 9.30am.

We reached the warehouse where the container was kept at around 10.30am. The container was sent all the way from Miri via sea to Port Klang. The container looks new. 🙂

We waited excitingly to unwrap our gift…hahaa…

The unwrapping process…there is a safety seal on the container’s door to show that the container has not been opened before. They cut of the seal in front of me.

Opening the door…can see the car now…we waited excitingly…

Nice white huh?! My father’s trademark car plate number…1210…

The car is secured with strings and also woods on the floor securing the tyres.

The car looks great! It is a perfect car for long distance driving on the highway in Peninsular Malaysia. My wife has wanted such car after sitting in her sister’s Toyota Estima on long journey trip…

Megumi posing for me with the car…we call the car the “Megumi’s Car”. 🙂

After accepting the car, we drove for lunch and then immediately drove back to Kampung (3-4 hours journey). The car is spacious, Megumi, my wife and I believe our “kakak” have a good relax sit at the back. 🙂

This is the front view of the car. It is not the latest model (probably more than 10 years old already), but that does not discount any bit for the space and elegant look of the car.

Back view. My father said this is the high specs G model of the Alphard that he has bought. Condition of the car is excellent! All original and no damage. By the way, did I mention that I like WHITE COLOUR?! 😀

V6 Engine. 3000cc.

Alphard G specs.

Front seat view. The dashboard is using elegant wood in the interior. Nice. Seats are leather type.

I am thankful to my father for sending me the car. I am thankful to my heavenly Father too for all the blessings. In Jesus Christ name I thank. Amen.

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