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I Love Starbucks! Green Tea Special

I love Starbucks drink…but can’t take it daily. Not only because it is expensive, but also it is too heavy fatty sweety for the body. Not a healthy drink for everyday drink. πŸ˜›

Still, I will get like once a week a Starbucks drink. Today I went to get one for a treat of myself…after meeting a customer at Jusco. For your info, you will get 10% discount if you present your Jusco J Card to Starbucks, yes it is valid at ALL Starbucks outlets as per the waitress there.

I don’t know what the above called. I just asked for a recommendation from the waitress and she recommended this. Something like Green tea with Soya with hazelnut with syrup…etc. Costs over RM20. Quite expensive for a drink isn’t it? πŸ˜›

How would I rate it? Hmm…too much flavor in my opinion. I don’t really like it. A normal one might be better with not so much mixture of taste.

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