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Revisit: TAG Heuer Men’s CAF101B.BA0821 Aquaracer Grande Date Chronograph Watch

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It has been nearly 3 months I owned the TAG Heuer Men’s CAF101B.BA0821 Aquaracer Grande Date Chronograph Watch.

I must say that the watch brings me back to LOVE WATCH WEARING again!

Read my previous blog about the watch at:

I almost lost the watch a month ago, while I was at my wife’s home town. Dropped it at the car porch, luckily my nephew found it. I was so upset that time…not only because of the cost of the watch, but also because it is quite hard to get one anymore at such bargain deal I got!

The watch now has some minor scratches and dent at the edge, but nothing serious to degrade the elegant feel and look of it.

When visiting KL a month back, I have the chance to walk into Tag Heuer shop at one of the bigger shopping complex. They do have this model in stock, but is rubber bracelet. Price? I did check with them the price if changed to metal bracelet like mine, and the price is RM7xxx! The shop is really making HUGE profit for selling the watch…but can’t blame them for they sell only Tag Heuer, and Tag Heuer price is controlled by Tag. Shops can’t sell at bargain price for the watch.

Quartz is good. Automatic is a NO NO for me, as I can’t do the rewinding daily. It will be such a burden and tedious job to repeat the rewinding daily, and I will NOT want a watch where time is UNCERTAIN in case that I forgot to rewind it. Quartz is good. 🙂

By the way, I did have the chance to checkout the BLACK FACE model while I was at the Tag Heuer shop, and I must say that I have no regret on my WHITE FACE version. It is a personal preference, and I personally like WHITE. 🙂

This shall be the watch that I will keep for life…I hope I will not lost it again… 🙂

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