31 May

Wireless keyboard + mouse for the MAC

I just couldn’t stand my macbook keyboard. No backspace, shift button has to press the right one to work…etc.

So, got myself a simple logitech wireless keyboard.


Simple, battery long lasting and affordable. It claims that battery in keyboard can last for 24 months (2 x AAA), while battery for mouse can last for 5 months (one AA). I have been using this set for my work computer, so far so good and I don’t really remember when is the last time I change the batteries. Must have been very long…

I start to love my MAC again. 🙂

28 May

My Princess…

She snap the photo by herself using the remote trigger in her hand.

Original shot, no crop, no special lighting at the background. 🙂

28 May

H&Y Adjustable ND Vary Filter (ND2 to ND400)

Introducing a very high quality professional Adjustable ND Vary Filter, with strength from ND2 to ND400.

H&Y Adjustable ND Vary Filter (ND2 to ND400)

See vary strength below. There are markings on the filter for you to see the strength of the filter during adjustment.

Minimum Strength (ND2)

Middle Strength (ND8)

Highest Strength (ND400)

ONE Filter solves all your ND requirement! 🙂

Available at ShaShinKi.

28 May

I Love Starbucks! Green Tea Special

I love Starbucks drink…but can’t take it daily. Not only because it is expensive, but also it is too heavy fatty sweety for the body. Not a healthy drink for everyday drink. 😛

Still, I will get like once a week a Starbucks drink. Today I went to get one for a treat of myself…after meeting a customer at Jusco. For your info, you will get 10% discount if you present your Jusco J Card to Starbucks, yes it is valid at ALL Starbucks outlets as per the waitress there.

I don’t know what the above called. I just asked for a recommendation from the waitress and she recommended this. Something like Green tea with Soya with hazelnut with syrup…etc. Costs over RM20. Quite expensive for a drink isn’t it? 😛

How would I rate it? Hmm…too much flavor in my opinion. I don’t really like it. A normal one might be better with not so much mixture of taste.

21 May

ShaShinKi & Jusino in Hardware Magazine (May 2011) + Interview of Dr. Koh

We have been advertising in HWM for more than a year. One of the most popular IT magazine in Malaysia.

May 2011 coverage.

There is an interview conducted by HWM to me (Dr. Koh) in this month issue as well. For those who want to know a little bit more about ShaShinKi…feel free to click the picture below. 🙂


19 May

Samsung Galaxy S Firmware Update: Android 2.1 to 2.2 Froyo

I was having problem updating my Samsung Galaxy S smartphone to the latest firmware from Samsung. I knew the firmware is already available in the market, but when connecting to Kies, it just won’t allow me to update.

Reading here and there…and finally today I was able to update my Galaxy S!

The problem lies on the Kies version that I was using actually. Was using Kies 1.5, and must upgrade to Kies 2.0 in order to perform the update.

Kies 2.0 can be downloaded at:


Update completed. This update is better than the previous one, as Messages and Installed Apps are still preserved and restored after the update. 🙂

As for phone book, since I stored all my contacts via Google account, so no worry of loosing them.

Now testing the phone. 🙂 Shall perform the update for my wife’s Galaxy S later.

Update 19th May 2011:

After the update / upgrade, I noticed that my Samsung Galaxy S is extremely SLOW! Painfully SLOW! It took twice as long the time for me to SWITCH ON to able to start using my phone. This is really bad.

I suspect it has got something to do with the APPs that I have installed on my phone. To not blaming Froyo, I decided to do a factory reset. This will ensure that no other Apps are affecting the phone performance, and everything should be from fresh as FROYO. In other words, I can test FROYO real performance then. I hope this will really improve my phone performance, else what a BIG LET DOWN. 🙁

Update 20th May 2011:

After the factory reset, speeds seems better. Little to no lacking now.

Gmail interface has improved. Easier to reply and read next messages now.

Screen lock can be configured using numerical lock now. Safer for the phone as compared to the SWIPE type.

I haven’t discovered other significant features. People said battery life has improved, hopefully it does.

17 May

Revisit: TAG Heuer Men’s CAF101B.BA0821 Aquaracer Grande Date Chronograph Watch

It has been nearly 3 months I owned the TAG Heuer Men’s CAF101B.BA0821 Aquaracer Grande Date Chronograph Watch.

I must say that the watch brings me back to LOVE WATCH WEARING again!

Read my previous blog about the watch at:

I almost lost the watch a month ago, while I was at my wife’s home town. Dropped it at the car porch, luckily my nephew found it. I was so upset that time…not only because of the cost of the watch, but also because it is quite hard to get one anymore at such bargain deal I got!

The watch now has some minor scratches and dent at the edge, but nothing serious to degrade the elegant feel and look of it.

When visiting KL a month back, I have the chance to walk into Tag Heuer shop at one of the bigger shopping complex. They do have this model in stock, but is rubber bracelet. Price? I did check with them the price if changed to metal bracelet like mine, and the price is RM7xxx! The shop is really making HUGE profit for selling the watch…but can’t blame them for they sell only Tag Heuer, and Tag Heuer price is controlled by Tag. Shops can’t sell at bargain price for the watch.

Quartz is good. Automatic is a NO NO for me, as I can’t do the rewinding daily. It will be such a burden and tedious job to repeat the rewinding daily, and I will NOT want a watch where time is UNCERTAIN in case that I forgot to rewind it. Quartz is good. 🙂

By the way, I did have the chance to checkout the BLACK FACE model while I was at the Tag Heuer shop, and I must say that I have no regret on my WHITE FACE version. It is a personal preference, and I personally like WHITE. 🙂

This shall be the watch that I will keep for life…I hope I will not lost it again… 🙂

14 May

60 Years Birthday Celebration for my Parents in Law

We was in KL a week ago to celebrate my parents in law 60 years birthday. Just a dinner reunion together among the family members.

We were at the PALACE…

Big table…kids on another table.

The King and Queen.

My sister and brother in law. They live in KL. Having good life there. 🙂

Megumi in the middle. With an iPad, you are the top of all attention… 😀

Her cousin on the right…Da Jou…

Cute little boy. 🙂

Last but not least of course…my wife Lydia and Megumi.

Food there is quite nice. Fish is fresh. However, be prepared to spend 4 digits for a dinner of 10 person. 🙂


2 May

Megumi & her puzzles

Bought the puzzle game for her last night. It comes with a story book actually. Two in one, and costs RM30+. I think puzzle game is good for kids, so is worth spending. Megumi loves puzzle game.  🙂

Have to pursue her long long in order to get this shot… 😛

From another angle…

Shall I frame it? Looking for walls at home to hang photos now… 😛