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iPad 2 is here…but will I get one?

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Received an email notification from Apple that iPad 2 can now be ordered online at Apple website. Deliver is 1-2 weeks. From my previous purchase experience, iPad is shipped directly from Apple factory in China (Shen Zhen), that is the reason why delivery takes 1-2 weeks.

Buy online…why?

  • Cheaper (by around RM50)
  • Free laser engraving! (You can’t get this in store even if you want to pay for it)

Will I get the iPad 2? I doubt so, as there is no significant improvement that attracts me. If Apple can cut down the weight to half of the iPad, then I might consider. Yes, iPad is heave. Actually NOT healthy for children to hold and play with it. Place on table then no problem.

If I do not already owned an iPad, then I will definitely get the iPad 2. If you are still considering an iPad for your family…JUST DO IT! It is better than any netbook, notebook, macbook, powerbook out there for internet browsing!

About the iPad Smart Cover, will I recommend it? No. Not that the cover is bad, but I don’t think it is protective enough. Do you wan to see your iPad base with scratches all over? The Smart Cover is only to protect the front glass, not the bottom. I don’t think it is protective enough. I have dropped my iPad a few times, and I think it is more practical to get a full slot in type case.