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7th Wedding Anniversary 20th March 2011

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Yesterday was our wedding anniversary of 7th years. Time flies…

We have wanted to go to the French restaurant in JB, all prepared, all dressed up…but when I called and just want to confirm the place before departing…the boss of the restaurant answered that they are closed on Sunday. What a disappointment…and we (Megumi, my wife and I) end up decided to go to Thistle for buffet dinner. Quite a disappointing dinner there…food was so so…and there are so little dishes. RM45++. Not worth it. Atmosphere was OK though.

Today, I decided to go to the French restaurant as my wife have wanted to eat the goose liver (and I have never tried before) for a long time. I made a reservation at 7.30pm, reached there on time. Megumi decided to stay at home watching her Barbie doll movie.

Starter…some french loaf with butter, the french loaf is in love shape… 🙂

The atmosphere is nice. As if you are in a different world outside Malaysia…

These are the appetizers. French snails and goose liver. As this was the first time I am trying, so we didn’t order much. Both are tasty. I noticed that they like to use olive oil a lot. The french snails are nice, but the goose liver is the best! Very smooth and tender, no rough texture like chicken liver. The source that comes with it is very nice too!

I missed out the photo of the mushroom soup. Very nice and there is baked cheese inside the soup. Must try that one if you went there.

This was the main course. My wife ordered beef, medium cook.

This was my main course. I ordered lamb, medium cook.

Both beef and lamb are nice, meats are very tender but the texture and feel are not WOW. Still, better than most sticks that I have tried outside. The source is nice, and the vege that goes with it is different and delicious. 🙂

Beef or lamb must goes with red wine…since I am driving, so my wife and I share a glass. My wife doesn’t drink much.

This was our wedding anniversary, so the restaurant gave us a nice small cake with candle. Very friendly people there I must say, they tried to make you feel at home and at friend’s place.

Finally a photo of my wife and I…taken by the man of the house there.

Where is the place? Chez Papa French Bistro and Wine Room.

Will I go again? I think I will (together with my wife must…), the goose liver is nice (have to exercise more…). 🙂