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iPad 2

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iPad 2 has just been announced yesterday…or few days ago?

I am not excited. Nothing extraordinary from the iPad 2. I think I would be happy if it adds an USB port there, so that I can use it to connect to my card reader or power up my phone (in 3G mode).

However, Apple does put out one interesting thing with the iPad 2. The smart cover.

Not that I am going to buy one, but I think the advert is smartly presented.

There is a good news though. The original iPad, or the first generation iPad is now selling at just RM1199 at Apple Malaysia online store! (www.apple.com/my). I bought one 3 months ago (during Christmas 2010) at RM1559, so that’s a RM359 saving now! At RM1199, it is sure a very good buy gadget for your kids!