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Is Blog Dying?

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Blog…was such a HOT word in in the first decade of twenty century.

Now? Facebook is the word everyone is talking about.

Where does blog stands? Will it continue to SURVIVE? (I won’t use the word shine now…since it is no longer being talked about…)

Personally I threat Blog as my own diary, and Personal (only me or my family can write) and Open (for everybody or those I selected to view) diary. Yes, it is a diary to me.

So is blog dying? For me no. As long as I am still writing, my blog will continue to exist. However, blogging can be lonely, as you don’t get many comments from your friends or visitors. Facebook has taken over the heat nowadays. People use facebook to share their feeling, their thought, their friends, their photos.

I still prefer blog. Why? Because it is under my own domain, my personal domain. It is something that belongs to me, I can grow with it. Facebook though is still facebook. Famous websites come and go, one day there might be no more Facebook, but my blog will still continue to be here as long as I want it to be.

Have a personal website of your, have a personal diary of yours, have a blog. Start sharing. 🙂