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Upgraded WordPress to V3.1

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Finally…upgraded my wordpress to the latest version. Was at version 2.2 for a many long days…couldn’t find a theme that I like and don’t really like the image uploader feature in the new version, hence delaying the upgrade.

Need to add Facebook LIKE BOTTON to my blog, so have to upgrade my WordPress. Old version is not supported.

Upgrade was easy and straight forward. Basically just need to backup the config file and images folder. That’s it.

How’s the WordPress 3.1? I think it is definitely very nice and smooth. Interface is clean and easy to navigate. Plugin and theme installation is very easy and just within a few clicks in the WordPress admin itself (FTP username and password required). The coders of WordPress is definitely very very good! I just wished my online shop admin interface is just as smooth… 😛

Found a quite nice theme – GIRL. Changed some colours and I think it is good to go live. 🙂