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Samsung Galaxy S II – An Upgrade from the Galaxy S

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Just read about the news of the new Samsung Galaxy S II.

Samsung has hit a home run with the Galaxy S, sold over a million unit in the USA, and they sure hope to do it again with the Galaxy S II.

Saw some video and specs of the Galaxy S II online, nice phone and specs, but I don’t think there is enough reason for existing Galaxy S users to upgrade. Samsung sucks in software update, and till now my Galaxy S is still using Android 2.1…have been waiting for Froyo forever. I hope Samsung can introduce a new firmware for the Galaxy S when they launched the Galaxy S II, else it will be real lame and put off to buy another Samsung phone.

There is a video of the new Galaxy S II at youtube:


Slightly bigger screen and an LED flash at the back camera.

What interested me most is the software. I just hope Samsung can push out the update soon…