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Chinese New Year 2011 in Perak

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Spent nearly a week in Perak during Chinese New Year.

Went to Teluk Patik with my family. Reached there quite late…and and sun is setting. Of course that’s the magic moment or magic light in photography, but without a tripod it is tricky to shoot.


Back to the photography books that I have read, I should use slow sync…and rear curtain sync.  That should make the shot better.

My wife and Megumi. 1/2s shot.


My sister in law and her husband.

A normal flash shot would be like this…background all dark.  1/30s shot.


Rear curtain sync shot. 0.62s. Though some blurriness but at least it shows the environment, which is the purpose of going there.


Another family shot…this is my sister in law’s friends.


Where are the kids? Quite impossible to shoot…as they never stand still. I shot a few…and I think this one is acceptable. At least showing the face of all.


It is a short trip, but fun trip.