9 June 2023


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She dropped the iPad…

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My Megumi dropped the iPad few days ago. Accident…got scolded and she looked innocent. She was trying to show me something and the iPad got slipped off.

Dented at the corner, but survived.

The protective case that I ordered from ebay still haven’t come. Already more than 10 days…hmm…now told Megumi can only play iPad on bed, cannot hold with one hand and bring around, not until the case come. 😛

iPad is quite heavy even for me…definitely not very “affordable” for kid of 3 years old. Can’t blame her, but at least she learned a lesson to be more careful in future.

By the way, did I mention that Megumi can remember the password (4 digit) to unlock the iPad only after showing her ONCE? Yes, just once and she remembered it. Both my wife and I was shocked when we saw her unlocked the iPad herself! Hahaa…good memory…