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I bought an iPad…

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I was in KL last week, saw two person using iPad. Both showing me website contents when we discussed something about webpage.

Apple iPad really shines in this field. It puts my Samsung Galaxy S to shame if I were to show my website to my clients. iPad on the other hand adds value and WOW factor if you were to discuss something with your clients related to internet issue or if you just want to google something for a result.


There is an Apple store at Berjaya Times Square of where I was staying last week. I went to check out the iPad and the entry model (16GB WIFI without 3G) is RM1599 there. Quite affordable I would say. I overhead the conversation by the salesman that they sold 18 units of iPad in that day. Apple just launched the iPad in Malaysia few weeks ago, so sales and demand are hight. Apple really designed the iPad well. Very elegant feel and the glass really shines.

After thinking overnight…I have decided to get one. Not for myself (though I might be using it most of the time), but for my wife. I checked Apple Malaysia website (http://store.apple.com/my/) and I am glad to see that iPad is available there! (My friend told me Apple does not sell online in Malaysia…obviously he is wrong.)

So the decision is either to buy online or bring back and iPad from the Apple store at Berjaya Times Square. Oh, by the way…online price is RM1549. RM50 cheaper than the retail store. One important bonus about buying online is the FREE Engraving service! Yes, you can engrave messages at the back of the iPad and make it the uniquely yours! The downside is having to wait extra days to get the iPad in hand.

Since Christmas is still 1-2 weeks away, so I decided to order online. The engraving part is the key determine point.


I was surprised later to find out that Apple actually ship the iPad from ShenZhen, China and not from their local store in Malaysia! They use DHL express for shipping and guarantee no tax or whatsoever extra charge. From the day I ordered till the day I recieved the iPad, 3 days. That’s extremely fast I would say! I got the iPad yesterday morning from DHL delivery person. Well done Apple!

What did I engraved? Hahaa…(my wife asked if there is any grammatical error or not…don’t tell me if there is… 😛 )


One thing to note. You can’t use the iPad right out of the box! Yes, you heard me right. YOU CANNOT USE THE IPAD RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX! No, it is not about battery. In fact, the battery is fully charged in my iPad. You need to download iTunes from Apple website, connect your iPad to your computer (mac or windows), setup your iTunes account, register, activate…etc., then only you can start using your iPad. For those who bought it and thought of using it on the spot without having a computer around…sorry, you will need to wait till you found a PC or MAC first.

Happying iPading! 🙂