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A gift? A lens? A GREAT WHITE LENS!

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Got this as a gift from one of my customer, or should I call it a donation?


A customer asked me to help selling his Nikon AFS 28-70mm F/2.8 Lens, a rare WHITE or Grey colour version. He has not been using the lens for years, hence condition unknown.

Upon receiving his lens, I tested it myself. Sadly, some problems with the lens. The AFS motor seems to be of faulty. Focusing ring and zoom ring seems to be stuck. Still can use the lens in manual focus, but that is such a waste. After discussing with the customer, we agreed to send the lens to Nikon Malaysia for a check.

Few days later, Nikon Malaysia came back to me with a quote. AFS motor is faulty and the main circuit board is faulty as well. Those two things required full replacement. The cost of repairing the lens is as much if not more than what a black version of the lens would have worth in the used market. So I consulted my customer on that issue and he decided not to go for the repair. Taking the lens back from Nikon Malaysia we will still have to pay for the checking fee and postage, hence my customer decided to just DONATE the lens to me if I want to pursue with the repair myself. After some considerations, I decided to just go ahead and repair the lens and keep the lens for my own use after the repair. External and glass condition of the lens is actually near new or like new. It is such a pity if the lens is put to sleep or dissembled as part just like that.

Updated with some photos of my actual lens




Just a snap shot to see the focus accuracy and sharpness as well as bokeh of the lens.


It took Nikon Malaysia quite some time (1 month +) to get the lens done. Parts have to be imported from Japan so it is an expected duration. In fact, I would say the repair is quite fast already. I just received the lens back few days ago from Nikon Malaysia and after testing it on my Nikon D200 (yeah…I am still using this antic camera) the performance is really refreshing! Focusing is fast and silent! Everything works out well and picture is sharp and contrasty! I finally have a good lens myself…can now retired my faithful Tamron SP 17-50mm F2.8 lens (it has gone through snow, wind, sand, sea, mountain, farm…).

If you want to read more about this lens, please click the link below: