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Samsung Galaxy S – Repaired

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I reported that my Samsung Galaxy S is having problem with its camera. The center part of every photos I took is always blur.

I went to the service center (Aeon Bukit Indah, 3rd Floor) to report the problem 3 weeks ago. The salesman is friendly and helpful enough to help me order the camera part from Samsung and promised me that he will call me when the part arrives. Within a week, I received a call from the salesman and the part is ready. I need to bring my phone + warranty card when doing the repair. I told him that I need the phone back ASAP, and he estimated 1-2 hours work to change the camera.

I was really tied up with my schedule and only last weekends I have the time to go there to have my phone repaired. The process is fast, only took around 30 mins to have it done. The salesman said this is the first time he repaired the phone, and it is actually very simple to change the camera inside.

I tested some shots and the camera seems to be working perfectly now. 🙂

(I left the mini usb cable in my office, so can only try upload some photos here later)


(uploaded by transferring the image via email from my phone to my computer)