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Went and bought some florescent lights yesterday. I have wanted to add some extra lights to my office for a long time, finally yesterday went and bought the lights. Yes, I planned to DIY myself.

I thought it was easy job (it actually is easy), but then I fixed the wire wrongly and burnt a tube and 4 starters. Got so frustrated. Google for some schematic diagram and finally able to get the light to work. Took around 2 hours for me to wire and fix the light myself. It is very bright now in my office, which I think is good. It gives better mood / feel for the staffs that work here all day, no more “cloudy” feeling. 🙂


  • Life wire always to the ballast
  • Life is brown or red
  • Neutral is blue or black
  • Earth is green or yellow

Total cost? RM99.70 (not inclusive of the burnt tube and starters. Need to buy again the starters, I got a new spare tube.)

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