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Family Trip Visit to UK Farm, Kluang, Johor

Visits: 170

Went to UK Farm today. It is an activity organised by TUTA Skudai Chinese Methodist Church, Sunday School.

The place is around 2 hours drive from our church. We departed at 7.30am reached there at around 9.30am. Already quite a number of visitors when we arrived. Our group is around 70+ including children, parents and Sunday School teachers. There were one bus, 3 cars and 1 church’s van in the trip. Quite good participation from the brothers and sisters, and it is school holiday season now. 🙂

When passed by this (entrance) to the farm, I thought…must take picture of this lah…since this represent the name and entrance to the farm. I actually took this picture when getting out from the farm returning home. Started to rain already, so took the photo is a rush.


I dropped my camera bag when I took my bag out from the car when arriving at the farm.  I didn’t expect anything to happen to my camera or lens, since it is a camera bag (meant to protect the gear inside). I only realised something wrong when I took my camera out at the main hall of UK Farm, and my Tamron SP 17-50mm F/2.8 lens was like half opened at the body of the lens. 17-35mm no longer working, and luckily can still shoot from 35mm to 50mm zoom range. Else it would be such a waste visiting the farm without able-ling to bring back photo memory.


Tested some shots, and built in flash seems not working well with the lens with overexposed result. Focus still seems accurate, so can still be used.




Main attraction in the farm is sheep. They have quite a few thousands of sheep I think. The farm is huge, and they provide open-air bus to bring you around, or you can chose horse ride (carriage). Since our group is big, so we chose the bus ride. First attraction is to see herb of sheep coming out from their “house”.


Then we continue seeing a sheep dog running, chasing and guiding those sheep. Need to walk quite a distance to the field, and Malaysia weather…HOT and SUNNY! I didn’t realize the grass is so nice until I edited the photo now.


The most fun part should be feeding the small sheep. Megumi really enjoying that. We got one bottle milk for each of us to feed the sheep. Additional bottle of milk costs RM3 each, quite expensive as the sheep can finish the bottle within seconds!




Not just Megumi, but I think all other kids enjoy the feeding too!


Next stop is to see the ostrich. There are 5 ostriches in the farm, Africa species with two toes according to them. Darker feather is male, while lighter feather is female.


We have the chance to feed the ostriches too, but they didn’t eat much.


After the Ostrich farm is another bus ride around the farm. They do have chalets for tourist to rent and stay there overnight. Looks good from outside. Maybe can try that in future if come with small family group. Final stop is to visit the mushroom farm. My wife bought some mushroom there…and also the self-plant type to bring back to grow ourselves.  (The mushroom are now in our toilet! Need dark and moisture place to grow)

Lunch is included and served by the farm. Simple meal but I personally feel that is delicious! My wife agreed with me too, maybe we all are hungry after the long walk and sweat. 😛

We departed from the farm at around 3.30pm, and reached home nearly 6pm (can’t remember exactly, as I was too tired). I took a long nap at the sofa once we touched down…

Thank God for the wonderful trip organised by the Sunday School of Skudai Methodist Church. Do bring your children to Sunday School, become God’s sheep, for children will learn many good disciplines and knowledge in the Sunday School (every Sunday 10.30am).

For more info of the farm, you can visit their official website at:



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