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Bought a New PC (DIY)

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Ordered should I say, as haven’t reached my hands yet.

New staff joining ShaShinKi’s team, so need to get a PC for her. Will pass down my wife’s PC to the new staff, and get my wife a better PC.

Did some study and finally decided on the Intel i5 processor. i7 is overpriced both the processor and motherboard. Bought Asus motherboard this time, no more Intel as I think Intel is best on concentrating on processor.

Ordered also a new monitor:

Samsung PX2370


This is LED monitor. Not sure how good or bad it is as compared to LCD, 23″. I was hoping to get a 24″ monitor, but it seems like Samsung only has 23″ for LED at the moment. Quite affordable nowadays, RM760 for the above.

More later…