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Shop Front Page Update @ ShaShinKi

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Got some free time during this Raya holiday, so managed to do some clean up @ ShaShinKi store.

There are 3 major update that you will see on the shop front page, and several minor ones (for you to discover).


Clean Up 1 – Search Box @ Header

I have wanted this for a long time, finally able to do the codes and make the move. The old search box is at the upper right column, which has now been removed as I want to make the right column shorter with less items there.

Clean Up 2 – Top Menu

This should be a minor one, just doing some cleaning and tidying work. Not perfect yet until I figured out what to do next.

Clean Up 3 – Used Corner

ShaShinKi Used Corner is getting hotter and hotter, so I figured it would be good to put a dedicated BOX to promote our USED Corner so that it gives more exposure and better visibility to the products that YOU consigned with us.

There are some other cleaning work that has been done like tidying up pages, changing some colours of tables…etc. One that worth mention is the Shopping Guides at ShaShinKi, which has been updated with our latest look and design.

Thank you for dropping by and we hope these minor updates can make your shopping experience @ ShaShinKi a better one! 🙂

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