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Maha Introduces PowerEx Imedion 2400! Available Now in Malaysia!

Maha Introduces PowerEx Imedion 2400!
Powerex IMEDION Batteries – “Ready When You Are” – Now Even Better!

Maha Energy, the maker of Powerex batteries and chargers, announces a major performance upgrade of its IMEDION battery: the AA size rechargeable battery gets a 14% capacity boost from 2100 to 2400 mAh, without compromising longevity or reliability.

A common problem that plagues rechargeable batteries is the need to recharge them about once every one to three months even if not used. Maha tackled this issue by developing advanced electrode materials to reduce the rate of power loss during storage. As a result, the IMEDION batteries retain up to 85% of its charge even after one year of storage (at a room temperature of 20 deg C). The IMEDION batteries are shipped fully-charged and ready-to-use.

The IMEDION batteries differ from the competition in that they boast a longer lifetime as well as increased power retention under warmer environments. The IMEDION batteries can be recharged for hundreds of times and perform extraordinarily well at elevated temperatures. In addition, the IMEDION batteries feature a low-impedance design and can deliver a high burst of current, suitable for camera flashes, remote control cars, and more.

The IMEDION batteries are fully compatible with all Powerex chargers.


About Maha Energy
Founded in 1993, Maha Energy Corporation designs, manufactures and markets batteries and chargers under one roof. Armed with a robust core technology portfolio and a precision manufacturing operation, Maha seeks to provide consumers, professional and companies with the state-of-the-art power solutions.

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