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Smart Phone, what IF LOST?

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With the advancement of technology, it is so good that a phone can perform like a portable computer for you to bring everywhere! So many data and information you can store inside, some even like to use it as a camera to snap “private” photos. 😛

It will be such a disaster if your smart phone is lost…cost of the phone is one thing, but the information inside the phone is the most important and of concern to all.

Being a phone, which can be bring around anywhere, the possibility of it getting lost is extremely high. Some might even get robbed! Yes, I have heard and read stories about that (don’t ever put your phone on a table when having lunch or dinner in open market).

So, what IF your Phone is lost? What security does one provide for the phone?

Apple has been demonstration remote lock and remote wipe features in their iPhone during the first generation launch. It is really a peace of mind thing. If a phone is lost, you can remotely lock it and / or wipe out all the data inside the phone. In some countries, you can even trace and locate where your phone is! (some countries do not allow it due to privacy issue)

Now…Android phone being so HOT and POPULAR now…does it has such feature? I wish it has but I was disappointed. I was really concerned about the information I have in my Samsung Galaxy S, and I did “lost” it once (later only found it inside my car). There are just way too many private data in the phone and security concern that should not get exposed to. I searched and google around and found two:

  • wave secure
  • mobile defense

When I tried to search for it in Android market via my Galaxy S, I just couldn’t find them. Not sure why, maybe is not available to my country (Malaysia).

Today I discovered and tested out ONE nice built in feature in Galaxy S! I have actually noticed that feature on Day 1 of buying my Galaxy S, but I didn’t understand the function of it and forgot about it. I did asked the salesman at Samsung Mobile Shop, and he doesn’t know as well. Today, after google for it, I finally understand it and IT IS ACTUALLY WHAT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR! Yes, it is the REMOTE WIPE, REMOTE LOCK and MOBILE TRACKER!

Samsung Mobile Tracker


This is a unique feature given by Samsung to their phone users! I think only Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Wave have this function at the moment. I won’t go into detail on how to set that up, as you can read that from Samsung website.


I set up my Galaxy S with the Mobile Tracker ON, and I tested it few minutes ago to LOCK my phone. Yes, my phone is locked after receiving an SMS. This is GOOD! 🙂 Restart won’t bring OFF the lock screen. There is a PHONE password that you need to type to UNLOCK the phone. Yes, the lock screen is just like your phone keypad that allow you to type from 0 to 9. I am not sure how many time it allowed you to try out the password, as I read somewhere that a few wrong tries will result your phone being lock permanently.

Ok, I didn’t try the REMOTE WIPE feature, as I don’t want to reinstall and reconfigure my phone again (Just did it this afternoon after upgrading the firmware). I suppose REMOTE LOCK is better as REMOTE WIPE will clean all the data in your phone including the Mobile Tracker information (by default is OFF). That might render your phone to original factory condition and allowing whoever got your phone to be able to use it as a new phone. Not sure if I was right or wrong on this…

Locate my phone feature is not available in Malaysia. Too bad…

Samsung Dive

To remotely control your phone, you will need to login to Samsung Dive website.


It is a free service from Samsung for their mobile users. You can register account from your phone during the setup of Mobile Tracker on your phone.

Ok, now I have a peace of mind. Will set the Mobile Tracker on my wife’s phone later. 🙂