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Online Shopping in Malaysia – Can trust or not?!

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The first thing that people will ask (especially in Malaysia) when talking about online shopping is…CAN TRUST OR NOT!

Noticed that I did not use ? but !, because those who asked this question are actually already set their mind to “CANNOT TRUST Lah!“. They are not seeking for answer, not asking a question but TELLING YOU what they think (Cannot Trust).

Online shopping in Malaysia is still relatively new. Thanks to AirAsia, most have to force to learn to shop online, at least to grab the so called “Free ticket“. AirAsia have managed to kick start online shopping experience in Malaysia since their first launch in early 2000, but that’s not enough. AirAsia is a big company, so people trusted them. How about other online shop?

ShaShinKi – the First & Largest Online Camera Shop! (in Malaysia lah…)

From time to time, I receive phone call and email from potential customers asking what if they paid but never receive the goods that they ordered. Can they trust ShaShinKi? Guest what…I told them NOT to trust me, but google for ShaShinKi and see what others are saying about ShaShinKi.

Of course, I also told them who am I (Dr. KOH Kho King). Hahaa…you might ask…who are you?! (“in shout mode”)

I am Dr. KOH Kho King

  1. Co-founder of Photo Malaysia (www.photomalaysia.com) – First & Largest Online Photography Community! (We have Canon, Schmidt, Futuromic, Shriro, etc. big companies in Malaysia advertising with us)
  2. Founder of Fotolah (www.fotolah.com) – Fastest growing Chinese Photography Forum in Malaysia!
  3. Founder of PentaxWorld.com (www.pentaxworld.com) – International Pentax Forum.
  4. Founder of BlogMalaysia.com (www.blogmalaysia.com) – Largest blog directory in Malaysia with over 10k members!

If the above still not enough, then take a look (detail study) at ShaShinKi website.

ShaShinKi.com – How much does it worth?

Malaysia’s First & Largest Online Camera Shop!


We are the FIRST and LARGEST Online Camera Shop in Malaysia! Started in Dec 2005, we have been in the business for more than 4 years with lots of satisfied customers! We have nearly 5000 active products online, over 20k customers, very detail and smooth shopping system!

ShaShinKi has been in the business for more than 4 years, and we are the distributor of many big brands in the market (Domke, Maha PowerEx, Photo Clam, Phottix…etc.).

How much do you think that worth? A rotten egg (cheating) can easily spoil the whole pot of soup, and we will not let that happen to us and crashing the reputation and brand name that we have built.

Still worry?

Check out our Facebook account.

We communicate with our customers. We keep in touch with our customers. We make ourselves available for our customers. If we have cheated, people can find us easily and bad comment about us!

We have hundreds of satisfied customers that have left feedback at our website:

ShaShinKi advertises in TWO popular magazines in Malaysia MONTHLY!

  • Digital Camera Magazine
  • Hardware Magazine Malaysia

Go get a copy and you can find ShaShinKi’s advertisement and coverage in the magazines in the last 1 year and the many coming months!

Affiliates, we have lots of them!

We have lots of Affiliates that advertise for us too! If you happened to see ShaShinKi’s banner at some blogs, facebook, personal website, most probably those are our Affiliates. They earn commission by introducing customers to ShaShinKi, most of them are actual satisfied customers of ShaShinKi!

We Care!

Since the early day we have been implementing SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) in our website to protect the data sent over the internet from our customers to our secure server.

My Account Information

We are serious in the business, and we know how important and valuable our customers’ data are.

Not to mention that ShaShinKi is served from a dedicated dual Xeon processor server located in Malaysia too! (costs us $$$ every month to rent the server)

So What? you might say…

We spent lots of money in building up our brand, our reputation. Just like AirAsia.

In cyberworld, domain name is everything. It is the most worthy part of an online shop. An online shop can try to cheat their customers, but that can’t last long. Words will be spread easily (especially in online world, where everybody got their FB, blog, twitter now).

Try us once, I am sure you will love the convenience of the internet! 🙂