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House Cleaning…Oops, should be Shop Cleaning! (ShaShinKi.com)

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Did some cleaning work at home…sitting in front of the computer till 5am (Friday night ~ Sat morning)…continued some tidying stuff on Saturday and it is finally done.

No, not house cleaning, not physical shop cleaning, but my online shop – www.shashinki.com – cleaning. I remember a saying: the design of your shop is DONE on the day you decided to close it. There will always be improvement and modification work that you need to do from time to time. How very true from the day I start up ShaShinKi (Dec 2005), the work has never been completed and my job is never stopping.

You might not notice any difference at ShaShinKi.com, it is just some minor clean up work and tidying job, making browsing and shopping more pleasant. If you have noticed it, thank you! (You must be a frequent visitor or customer to ShaShinKi!) (Or…you are a dealer from another shop? No problem and you can contact us for cooperation. We do supply things to many other dealers in Malaysia. :))

There are many more work to be done…and will be done. Do not hesitate to contact us at shop@shashinki.com if you found any bugs or room for improvement. Thanks ya! 😉