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McDonald’s French Fries…HALF Full? Half Empty?

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Few weeks ago, I went to McDonalds to buy some “junk” food for myself and my family at night. I used the drive through method to make the purchase with my little kid in the car. It was like around 9pm.

Everything was smooth, drove through, purchased, reached home.

When opened up the package at home (together with GCB burger), to my dismay…the french fries in the bag is only HALF package! I paid for LARGE set and I got only HALF the fries! Not that I wanted to eat that much but I felt being cheated. There is no way that the waiter in McDonald can’t see the package is HALF full when they packed it for me!


Got really frustrated with such service from McDonalds.

The next day I went back to the McD and asked to see his manager. Told him the story and my disappointment. The manager is such a young guy (looks like only 20+). He offered me a new french fries which I rejected to take. No, I am not there to beg for a new french fries junk food.

Where is the McD? The one besides the Shell station at Skudai UTM. Next time if you purchased things via drive through, make sure you check the content before leaving.