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AirAsia Convenience Fee (Extra Charge when using Credit Card to Pay!)

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The next time you make your booking at AirAsia…do take note on the Convenience Fee that they are going to charge you if you use your CREDIT CARD to pay for the ticket.

Yes, by default they will want you to pay via Credit Card, so that they can charge you the Convenience Fee (RM5 per person if I remember correctly). If you chose to pay via local bank (Maybank, CIMB…etc.), then you will see that the Convenient Fee is automatically waived off. However, my last use of AirAsia is that they don’t allow me to pay via local bank, as the page is NOT working right for Other Banks. So I am FORCED to pay using my credit card and have to pay extra RM15 for 3 person booking. I pay one time, but they are charging me as per person’s booking.


My total paid amount is RM265, while the convenience fee is RM15. This meant I paid 5.66% for using my credit card.

Is this legal? I thought Master and Visa forbidden merchants from charging customers when using the credit card?

AirAsia…they will try to squeeze whatever that is possible from you… 🙁

(Update: Just found out that AirAsia has this Convenience Fee page:


So called to subsidize the costs of the payment systems at AirAsia website…yeah…right…)

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