Smart Phone, what IF LOST?

25 August 2010 Dr Koh 3

With the advancement of technology, it is so good that a phone can perform like a portable computer for you to bring everywhere! So many data and information you can store inside, some even like to use it […]

Samsung Galaxy S Firmware Upgrade (JG4)

25 August 2010 Dr Koh 26

Last night when playing around with Kies (Samsung software for the computer to communicate with Samsung phones), I noticed a notification of Firmware Update is available at the lower right corner of Kies. New Firmware: PDA:JG4 / PHONE:JG4 […]

Samsung Galaxy S – Again?!

24 August 2010 Dr Koh 11

Just bought another unit today…for my wife this time. 🙂 Same price, RM2500. 😛 I also learned that there are AP set from Singapore and other countries, selling at around RM1.9k (8GB) and 2.1k (16GB) via In […]

My Dream Car…Mercedes CLS 2011 Model

22 August 2010 Dr Koh 2

Can only dream about this car…Mercedes CLS 2011 model. I just love the BIG Merce logo in front. Classic yet fierce look! The current model is around RM800k before roadtax and insurance. Can get rob when driving it […]

Mama and Baby

15 August 2010 Dr Koh 0

Took few hours ago… 🙂 My lovely wife and Megumi… Took in a rush, my SB-800 was flat without battery…so I have to use the built-in flash to fire and grab a few shots before Megumi went upstairs… […]