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How to Become a Successful Affiliate? (success = earn more $$$)

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How to become a successful Affiliate?

How many how good or how many visitors your site has, if nobody clicks on your affiliate link, or if some clicks but did not complete the purchase at the merchant’s site, then you are getting no money.

How to become a successful Affiliate?

You will want your visitors to purchase the items from your Affiliate partner. You will want your visitors to complete the deal. You will want your visitors to convince that the item/s that he/she saw is worth buying. Instead of just putting up a banner of your Affiliate partner on your website, a more effective way would be to talk and discuss about it!

1. If you owned a blog, create a post to talk about your new Affiliate. Convince your visitors why you join the program and how reliable the merchant is. Share your shopping experience with your visitors.

2. Select and post up some interesting products from the merchant sites that you have purchase or might want to introduce. You can just use any image from the merchant site and embedded it with a link with your ref number on it to the merchant’s product page. Eg. of link with your Affiliate Ref. ID on it, and link to a specific product (products_id=1488):


3. DO NOT SPAM. Do not create bad name or impression by sending mass emails to your friends or strangers with the embedded Affiliate Reference ID on the link / banner. SPAMMING created very bad impression, which will be very hard to get clean up.

4. Put the Affiliate banner on a good location on your website. A banner is only as good as when people saw and click on it. You are not earning from impression, but from the actual sales that have been concluded.

5. Suggest any new idea to the merchant (We, ShaShinKi, listen!). Work together with the merchant to improve the conversion rate (from click to actual sales).

6. Get rid of the negative thinking of “I don’t want to promote too much…not worth for me to promote…etc.”. If you can’t, then you should remove yourself from joining the Affiliate Program. You will not get paid unless a deal is closed. You will need to promote as hard as you can in order to close a deal.

Let’s hope that the above tips can help promote and generate more sales to all Affiliates participating in ShaShinKi!

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Happy Affiliating!