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Miles different…Samsung Galaxy S (again…)

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My old phone…Softbank X01HT. It was an exciting phone when I first got it. Saw my friend using it while I was in Japan, and I have to go get one too. (That was before iPhone came out. My friend later upgraded to iPhone…)

Using Windows mobile OS, installing apps is a pain…which I still not sure how to do it even by now. So my phone becomes a white elephant to me.


The keyboard is really good I must say. Typing sms is fast and furiuos.


Respond of the phone is slow, even though I didn’t install any apps. Really a put off…and have to use stylus to point, or fingernail. Yes, fingernail, not finger as it will not detect if you use finger touching the screen.

It is more than a cm thick…in today’s standard, that’s called a BRICK. Can be a good weapon when thrown at bad guys…knock the head sure fainted… 😀

Now this is my new toy…time flies…technology advances so fast. Samsung Galaxy S.


Using Adroid system. Installing apps is just click and click. No complication.

Even though the phone comes with 1Ghz processor, I must say that it is still not ultra smooth in respond. Sometimes the screen does delay by a second or two, and the back button on the phone (lower right), can be like no respond. I don’t like the lower middle button design, it can be improved more. Dirt tends to go in between the edges of that button.

Ok, that’s all for now. More in future after I use the phone more. 🙂