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Wireless Internet – Unlimited

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After using the Samsung Galaxy S for a few days, I must say that the purchase is really a no regret and a satisfying one. Very sleek design phone, and very good software installed! Browsing and using the phone is responsive and smooth. When compared to my old HTC phone, it is like comparing a Window 98 with a Windows 7. No more stylus and the digital keyboard is very easy to type (in horizontal mode).

Now…before I got the phone I already knew that consistence internet connection to the phone is a must if I were to use it to its full potential. Digi internet connection is expensive for the on demand type (RM0.10 per 10kb,or RM10 per MB). Streaming a youtube will cost you a few RM already…that’s crazy I would say.

So, I check out the Digi Unlimited Internet plan, and my friend told me that there is a promotion or price slash by Digi recently…from RM88 to RM58 for the 3GB bandwidth unlimited internet 3G package! RM58 seems quite affordable, but I was in doubt of the “Unlimited” and the “3GB” cap. Called up Digi and able to get it clear out. There is a fair usage of 3GB per month for all, but after 3GB bandwidth is reached, internet connection will still have just that the speed is much slower than around 100kb/s (from originally 700kb/s). Fine with me so I subscribed. Can do the subscription via phone call or sms. I use the phone call type.

Now…the louzy part. Have to wait 24 hours before using. Though you can still use, but you will not be sure if you are still being charged to the old “On Demand” bill or the new “Unlimited fixed RM58” bill. Called up Digi to check but their answer is crap. Not sure, to be safe, wait lah.



Ok, I waited and waited, finally reached the 24 hours safe zone and start testing out youtube. Wow…really is FAST! I think it is 10 times faster than my current house Streamyx 384kbs “so called broadband”.

For Android phone, if you kept your APN ON all the time, it will connect to your internet provider all the time and data will be uploaded and downloaded all the time. This is quite “unsafe” in my opinion, and of course it consumed MUCH battery power. My Galaxy S can only last few hours with 3G connection browsing internet. There is no easy way to turn off APN by default in Android, but the beauty of Android is the open source and free support / widgets by many! Go download “Quick Settings” from the Android market and you are good to go. Can turn ON and OFF APN easily. There are many other features (GPS, WIFI…etc.) to be turned ON or OFF in “Quick Settings” too! Great add-on! Must for me.