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Photo Clam – Professional Ballheads! Better than Markins!

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Photo Clam – A new player in professional ballhead makers, but definitely not a compromise brand! Remember the name – Photo Clam – cause it is going to be big in the photography world!

Yeah…many have commented the name – Photo Clam – …clam or clamp? I got myself confused when I first saw the name… 😛

Anyhow, it does not matter. As long as the product quality is great, people will remember the name later. Yeah…Photo Clam…it is actually quite easy to remember.

Made in Korea

The world is now dominated by Korean products. We have Samsung everywhere (computer memory, home appliances, first LED TV, mobile phones), Hyundai cars at bargain price, LG electronics, Hyundai Heavy Industry…etc. Made in Korea has become a quality assurance trademark, similar (though not yet equal) as Made in Japan stamp. Personally I have tried a few Made in Korea products with relate to Photography Industry, and I must say that it is a satisfying experience and the products are really of better quality than those made in the C country (though some are good, but quality is most of the time in doubt). Matin & Dicapac are the two made in Korea products that I import, distribute and sell in Malaysia through ShaShinKi now. Photo Clam will be the 3rd. 🙂

Another famous ballhead maker that has the same origin as Photo Clam is Markins.  Markins started out as just another ballhead maker. However, it quickly gained the reputation after many professional photographers tried it out. A good product will definitely gained the reputation and has no fear of being tested our and challenged. This is how Markins gained the name. Markins is said to be the Arca Swiss copier, but better. There are many reports and reviews from photographer worldwide complaining on the LOCK DOWN of Arca Swiss ballhead. Yes, LOCK DOWN, where the ball is stuck and you can’t unlock it. This gives the room and chance for Markins to evolve and better and take over Arca Swiss market. Personally, after using Markins during a photo trip, I found one weakness in it, the pan base. The pan base of Markins ballhead can’t be locked firmly even by great force, which is quite a let down and inferior as compare to the main ballhead lock. So, this gives a chance for other maker to better out Markins ballhead and take over the market share…and the bettered brand = Photo Clam.

Photo Clam

Who is Photo Clam?

From what I heard and read, Photo Clam is founded by a photographer who is also the boss of a high precision engineering manufacturing factory, not satisfied with the quality of the ballheads in the market, hence decided to make his own (with his ready engineering factory). So he knows what he wants, he knows what is lacking in the ballheads in the market, and he has the ability to make the “best” ballhead for photographers.

Where to buy?

List of Photo Clam Dealers:

  • Penang

    Elite Professional
    255C, Penang Road, 10000 Pulau Pinang.
    Tel: 04-2508080,04-2508088 Fax: 04-2508086

    Elite Photo Sdn Bhd
    (Bukit Jambul Complex)
    3A-G-26, Kompleks Bukit Jambul,
    Jalan Rumbia, 11900 Bayan Lepas,
    Pulau Pinang.
    Tel: 04-6433196 Fax: 04-6433196

    Elite Photo Sdn Bhd
    (Queensbay Mall)
    LG-02, Queensbay Mall, 100,
    Persiaran Bayan Indah,
    Sungai Nibong,
    11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang.
    Tel: 04-6465606 Fax: 046465606

    Elite Photo Sdn Bhd
    (Sungai Dua-USM)
    75-G-13, Jalan Sungai Dua,
    11700 Gelugor, Pulau Pinang.
    Tel: 04-6551196

    ADD : C2-1-03 & C2-1-14 , GRD FLOOR , KOMTAR , 10000 PENANG ROAD , PENANG
    TEL/FAX : 604-2621663
    EMAIL : sales@myhyperstore.com

    TEL : 604-2625523 / 2638095
    FAX : 604-2623418
    EMAIL : sales@myhyperstore.com