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My New Toy – Samsung Galaxy S

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Got my new toy today.


Called Samsung Mobile shop in Johor, they said no stock and most probably new stock will only arrive today last afternoon. I told them to call me when it arrived.

The Samsung blue…


Got a call at around 3pm, then straight away I drove to Jusco Bukit Indah and got some cash from the ATM machine there and walk to the shop at third floor. It is at the right wing if you enter from the main door of Jusco Bukit Indah.

This is NOT the first time I see a Galaxy S. The first time I saw it was like 2 weeks back, at PIKON PC Fair in JB. I was not impressed with it, find the interface to be quite dull and boring. I am undecided between iPhone 4 (which don’t know when will be available…), HTC Phone (Legend or Desire) and Samsung Galaxy S.

I decided to drop iPhone from my list, as I don’t like to stick to iPhone Tune or iPhone software. Yes, I have a macbook myself, which I hate when I first received it, but later can accept but still not loving it. (the HDD in the macbook died on me, and I lost quite a lot of important data)

HTC Legend…kinda out dated a bit…so out.

HTC Desire…I kinda like the rubberised body. My last phone was a HTC, and I kinda hate it for its slow in respond. Yes, a touch screen HTC, early model I guess and was quite expensive back then.

Yesterday I spent quite some time checking and reading reviews online on HTC Desire versus Samsung Galaxy S. From what I read (never believe everything you read)…HTC seems to be better on the software while Samsung is better on the hardware. HTC is using AMOLED and Samsung is using Super AMOLED. Samsung screen is 4″ while HTC is 3.7″ (Since I hope to use the phone often as a WIFI device, so the bigger screen size does sounds attractive to me). From some reviews online, Galaxy S seems to be faster on WIFI than Desire too.


HTC Desire is RM2199 while Samsung is RM2599. RM400 difference.

Finally, set. I am hoping that Samsung can improve on the software part later, and using Android system…that is quite possible (though many said Samsung support sucks…).


I paid RM2500 nett today for the Galaxy S. No free gift except a small cheap cloth pouch (worth less than RM10). Ok lah…at least I can still use it to protect my Galaxy S when putting it in my pocket. Avoid coins and keys scratch my “expensive” phone. RM2500 is quite a lot, but since I will be using it daily…so I think (or hope) the investment is worth while.

Got home…played with it a little, connected to my house WIFI. Samsung Aps sucks. Only one game there (car racing…quite nicely designed). In total only 8 Apps at the moment. Went to Android Aps, wow…a lot! Many free one too! Powered by Android (or Google) seems like a brand now…


Try downloading them…”Download Unsuccessful”. All the time…got fedup…google for answers…seems like a common problem that many have experienced with Android phone (not just Galaxy S). Found many suggestions…finally this one solved it.



Once in manage applications, click the menu button and select filter and filter by all.

Now delete the data AND cache for the following applications (if you only get the option to delete one or the other, then do what is available):

Download Manager
Google Apps
Google Talk Service
Google Talk Storage

Apps can be downloaded and installed successfully! 🙂

There is NO accessories for Samsung Galaxy S in that Samsung shop. The supplied accessories are earphone, USB cable and USB 3-pins charger. Got the free pouch.


Youtube is brilliant on the phone. Very clear movie and very good sound. I haven’t used it for talking yet…

Ok…that’s all for the rambling on my new toy…it is more than a phone (I hope) and hopefully can work well for what it is, a phone.