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Nikon AF 50mm F/1.8 – Sharpest Nikon?!

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If not the sharpest, definitely one of the sharpest!

Original shot


100% cropped (No sharpening, just cropped.).


Bought this lens 2nd hand today, worth every single cent! It has been a long time that I have not enjoy such a high resolutions! Shot on a tripod, every single shot is a pleasant shot!

Lighting is very tricky, as my room is having warm downlight. Very yellowish.

Shot using flash, but if I used Flash White Balance setting, the colour will still be very yellowish. So I choose White Balance Tungsten light instead.

Brand new lens is still worth every single cent, if you used it of course (many bought and keep the lens in the darkness, as they are so used to the convenient of zoom…). 😛