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Happy Mother’s Day!

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Happy Mother’s Day to my wife from Megumi…


(The carnation was made by Megumi in her childcare school last Friday.)

Today’s sermon in church talked about the love of mother and the love of God. Mother’s love is unconditioned. Mother never think of the repay from her children when she delivered her love. She sacrifies her time, money, body…etc. for her children, just hoping them to grow well and grow good. Of course mother might sometime hope for her children to repay her goodwill, but that’s not the reason for her to deliver her love.

God’s love is unconditioned as well. However, there is a qualitative difference between mother’s love and God’s love. A mother loves her children, because they are her children. The love from a mother to her own child and other’s child is definitely different. It will be hard for a mother to love other’s child as much as her own child. This is not in God’s case. God loves us, while we are still a sinner, God already loves us. God’s love us so much that He sacrified Himself to save us. Die for your friend, for family, there might be. Die for your enemy, that’s God’s love.

Thank God for given us a mother. Thank God for the love of our mother. Thank God we can be a mother. Thank God for the love, as God is love.