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Another Good Reason to Shoot RAW

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After reading the article update of latest Adobe RAW converter and Lightroom offering and example of processing at dpreview.com:


Nikon D3S, ISO 52,200

Adobe Camera Raw v5.6 (default settings)Lightroom 3 beta 2 (default settings)
It is obvious that in this file, too, ACR 6.0 is not only better at reducing chroma noise than ACR 5.6, it does so without a significant penalty in color saturation. At default settings, files processed through ACR 6.0 are more detailed, partly because chroma noise isn’t masking pixel-level detail.

It is interesting to see that from the same RAW file, new Adobe software is able to process and deliver cleaner and better quality file output.

If the original image was shot in Jpeg, then this conversion and improvement would not have been possible.